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    Database extraction tool

    I'm looking for the names of some up-to-date tools that can be used to extract data which meets one or more criteria from a database (MSSQL xxxx). In other words, running queries on our database with the help of an easy to use program with a nice GUI. Besides licenses or the program itself for the entire company needs to be somewhat cheaper than for example MS Access...

    Let me clarify, we're looking into the possibilities of data warehousing, and whether or not it is wise to implement for our company. We want to make information easy to access throughout the company, client information here, complaints information there, etc. All this information is already in place, but difficult to access and are often presented on a monthly basis. Which means important information is often out-dated. A data warehouse which is updated daily can fix this, however for it to work we need an easy to use program which extracts the data. I am able to extract and display data using several programming languages, but everyone needs to be, without the need for such knowledge.

    Additional information, talking about +/- 300 desktops/laptops which will have access to (parts of) the database. Database will most likely be MSSQL 2005, but compatibility with all versions of MSSQL is preferred.

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    Have you considered using the tools provided with SQL Server? Use SQL Server to build your basic "fact" database. Use Analysis Server to roll the fact data up into cubes for dimensional access by your users. Use Reporting Services for static extraction and presention of the data. Depending on the sophistication of your users, you can use also feed a tool like Excel from SSRS or directly from SSAS.

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