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    Unanswered: #Name? Error. WTF is GOING ON?!?!?!

    Ok. I have this form. It has references to other forms. Some fields have a simple =FieldA+FieldB type formula. Any form that is not manually entered is showing up with a #Name? error. It worked perfectly. I saved it, went about adding more records. Everything was showing up perfectly! Then, I save it, close out my database. I go back in...NOT 5 MINUTES LATER and now every single field that has a formula of some sort in it is showing a #Name? Error. All of my relationships are still showing. Even the simple little =FieldA+FieldB formulas are coming up with the #Name? Errors!!!!! And those aren't even referencing other tables. They're just referencing fields within that form that I'm getting all the errors in. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?! I have redone this damn database 3 times because of the same error. I am sick of it!

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    well the error is whenever it can't find the other control that code refers to...

    if you are referring to a control on another form - - that other form must be open.

    so perhaps you design it while that other form is open ....but then attempt to re-try it later but are failing to open that other it can't find those controls.....

    Access is a very solid and mature product at this isn't a bug that is causing this I wouldn't think...but be sure that you are up with all the updates of your version....

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    Is =FieldA+FieldB surounded by [] ie. =[FieldA]+[FieldB]
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