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    Unanswered: Database design help


    I am new to database design, Please tell me if there should be any alterations that has to be done. This is for maintaining an apartment. I have written comments in bold for each table. Since only 10000 characters are allowed i am also attaching the file.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shivam0101 View Post
    Please tell me if there should be any alterations that has to be done.
    we can't tell unless you show us the actual assigment so that we can compare your design against the requirements | @rudydotca
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    Thanks for replying.

    The requirement is,

    It is a website - PHP coding

    As i have already mentioned it is site to maintain an apartment. It contains apartment member (resident) details.

    1. All the member details and their relatives details are recorded. These details will be accessible to all residents of the apartment. If the tenant vacates the house his records should be deleted. (Before deleting his records are to be preserved for future reference)

    2. A resident of the apartment can be owner (a flat he owns i.e he might have bought). A resident can also be Tenant(i.e he will be paying monthly rent). A member_type field is kept in members table to indicate which type a member is.

    3. Each member will be given a login id and password - login id is flat_name. After login, he can see the details of other members. A search box is provided where he can search other members. Suggestions can be posted and these details will be seen by all the members. Admin will regularly upload files of different category. These files will be available to the members. Admin can provide details of resources available in the apartment and these details will be seen by all the members. The members can change their passwords. The members can fill their details and their relative details - all the fields mentioned in members table indicates which are the details he will be filling.

    4. Support staffs are workers of apartment, their details are filled by the admin and these details are only available to admin.

    If you need anymore clarifications i will be to provide.

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