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    Storing users with additional attributes

    Hey all!

    My database contains a table named "users" that stores a user id along with all sorts of information about the user. A second table defines to which user groups the user belongs.

    Now I have a user group for which I want to store additional information (to be specific - the database should store referees who have attributes like their fee, academic department etc.)

    My question is if it is a good practice to introduce a new table with one column for user ids so that I have a reference to my "users" table and be able to store all additional information for that user class in this table?

    Thank you for any help!!

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    You would want to create a new table called something like Referee which contains the user ID (as a foreign key back to the user table) and any attributes that are specific to referees.

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    That's the way I did it now - thanks!

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