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    Unanswered: Database schema

    Hi Guys
    We have problem to get the information about the Database schema,I am a beginner in DB2.
    AIX 6.1, DB2 9.7.0
    We have following application specific tablespace:

    We need following info:
    1.Server Name: DB server being used by the Servlet Configuration DB.
    2.Port: Listening port of the DB server being used by the Servlet Configuration DB.
    3.Database Name: The name of the DB being used by the Servlet Configuration DB.
    4.Database Username: The username for the Servlet Configuration DB.
    5.Database Password: The password for the Servlet Configuration DB.
    6.Database Schema: schema used by the Servlet Configuration DB.

    Note: In the IBM DB2 Database Management System, the database schema is the user name under which
    tables are created.

    1.I believe server name would be the hostname/IP of the server where db2 is installed
    2.Port no :50000
    3.For Database name: I ran command: "db2 list db directory" and i got "VTX" as database name
    4.Database Username: i think that would be db2dv1
    5.DB Password: i think that would be password for db2dv1
    6.Database schema:
    for database schema, I ran command : db2 describe table <schema>.<tablename>
    Ex: db2 describe table db2dv1.PVTXTPS
    Ex: db2 describe table db2dv1.PVTXTGIS // i thought db2dv1 is the schema name

    But when i tried to use: db2 select * from db2dv1.PVTXTGIS or db2 select * from db2dv1.PVTXTPS
    Error: SQL0204N "DB2DV1.PVTXTGIS" is undefined name. SQLSTATE=42704

    Please assist me to fill the entries/schema name for database to proceed further in application installation.


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    You can check the catalog view syscat.tables to verify your assumptions about the schema name.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    db2 "select tabname, tabschema from syscat.tables where tabname = 'PVTXTPS'"

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