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    Unanswered: Having problem restoring database!!!

    I am new with DB2 and having problem restoring db. When I try it from Control Centre, I get " SQL2542N No match for a database image file was found based on the source database alias "db..." and timestamp "20100214010004" provided.
    I get the same message whether I choose one of the existing images or one of the backup files I have on the folder directory.
    If i do it from Command Window, I would get the same error message. can someone help me for this procedure and tell me how do I get the exact time stamp from backup file?

    Thanks a lot!!!

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    Can you see a backup image with this timestamp on disk? Please include dir output and db2 version.

    You need to issue the restore command from the root dir (dir where you see <DB_NAME>.0)

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    Hi Bella,
    Thanks for replying. No I don't see the time stamp however I looked at date/time on windows explorer and manually typed in the command line. What command should I issue to see the time stamp on command window?
    I have my db2 installed on C:\ and containers are on D:\ drive. Can you give syntax and step by step in command line?
    I also attached the screen shot of directory where my backup file is restored for you to see. Note, I copied file from another location. The folder name is "20100223".

    Thanks a lot and appreciated for your help.

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    Sorry I forgot to attach.
    Here we go...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails db21.gif  

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    amira1344, your attachment shows the problem. In DB2 V8.2 and earlier on Windows, the backup has to be in a very specific set of folders. It is composed of:

    DatabaseAlias.Type\InstanceName\NodeNumber\Catalog NodeNumber\yyyymmdd

    with the actual backup being: hhmmss.001

    Your backup is just in folder


    You need to create a folder structure like (You will have to supply the Database Alias and Instance name):

    DatabaseAlias.0\InstanceName\NODE0000\CATN0000\201 00223

    and put your backup, 010004.001 in the last folder.

    NOTE 0 is for a Full backup and the NODE0000 and CATN0000 are the normal names for non-partitioned databases.

    After this, the DB2 Restore should be able to find it.

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