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    Question Unanswered: Add date to filename?

    I am using a macro to automatically output query results to Excel and I want to add the current date to the filename.

    Example: "Query Results - 01-MAR-2010.xlsx" (or something similar to that)

    It should be an easy thing, but I have tried multiple different things with no luck.


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    Check the code bank - it includes some code written by moi to output to Excel - I am pretty sure it appends the date to the name.
    Point #1: You want to do anything remotely fancy then drop the macros - you need VBA
    Point #2: write out your dates yyyy-mm-dd: it will mean that when sorted alpha they will also be sorted chronologically.
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    Here's the example in the code bank:

    The ExportForm allows you to export as an xls, csv, or dbf. You can also attach the date (or not) in the export filename (ie. ExportMyQueryName02-22-2010.xls). Look at the code behind the form to export the date in the filename as a different format. A Macro may not help you with exporting the filename with a date embedded in the filename.
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