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    Unanswered: certain fields not displaying correctly on a different computer


    Not sure what is causing this. I have a quite complex report in Access 2007
    that necessitates 53 columns, all next to each other; and with 53 fields in
    the header showing the date 'vertically' in dd-mmm format.

    On my Desktop and my Laptop they work fine - the Preview and Print options
    all show the date clearly. I transferred the DB to a user's laptop - (they've
    been using an earlier version in 97 and 2003 format for 9 years or so) and
    the date just shows as #### in everyone of the 53 fields.

    Thought at first that it was the font, or the vertical aspect of the field that was throwing it out, but this is not the case; there is a Sum field in the footer
    that also displays vertically, also using verdana (albeit a different size) and this displays fine on my user's laptop.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwdpwd View Post
    Thought at first that it was the font... but this is not the case
    What convinces you that it's not the font?

    If I remember correctly, in the earlier versions of Access, if the space allotted for a field wasn't wide enough to display the entire number, the field was displayed as pound marks (####) as you're describing.
    Hope this helps!

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    Hi - thanks for this - I'll try changing the size of the font and the control
    and see if that sorts it

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    if the other machines are "that" old it could be either font size or font not found thats causing problems
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