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    Can someone suggest a database software??

    I am looking for a database software for my PC that has internet/server sharing abilities that operates with multiple types of database structures simultaneously. It appears (unless I don't know the full capability) that ACT and Filemaker, etc.. allow you to create ONE type of database with set structures/fields. I would like to find a software (or have one developed) which will allow multiple structures that can interface with each one. IE. We provide capital to renewable energy projects and would like the following TYPES of contacts that are open at once and can reference if needed without having to close and open new databases

    Company Rep (different people within our organization)

    and then it would be nice to have the ability to "associate". So maybe we close a deal with a "Client" through a "Lender" - well we can search to see all the clients we have closed with that Lender or while reviewing the client, we can click on the Lender that we closed the deal with and it would open up the Lender's data file. Or we can input "Project" specific information and then do a search and it would search through all the lenders to bring up a list that would correspond with the project.

    I used Brilliant Database before which seemed to work OK and allowed multiple database types - but looking for something that operates a bit better. Any suggestions?? I'd hate to contract a company to make this for us as that is always a headache! There should be about 5 of us sharing the databases simultaneously as well.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?? thank you!

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    To be clear, it seems you are searching for "Application Software", not "Database Software". The application will of course run on a database, but which database it runs on is a secondary consideration. All popular database engines can handle "multiple types of database structures simultaneously".
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