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    Unanswered: DB2 9.5 and VMWare based windows vm


    I am not too sure if this question is more appropriate for in VMWARE forum. Tring my luck here first.

    We have db2 9.5 running in Windows 2008. The windows 2008 server is a Virtual Machine running on VMWARE ESX Blade Server.

    The DB2 instance profiles are on windows drive E:

    The actual database tablespaces and logs are on seperate SAN Drives.

    Do you think following assumptions are logical and worth testing or it is something that is a 'no no' for db2.

    1. take a virtual machine backup of the windows 2008 server

    2. apply db2 fix pack

    3. after a while (say a week or so) restore the VM from the backup, will applications now run correctly with fixpac reverted with out loss of data

    Thanks in advance

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    if you are restoring everything else other than the instance profiles and database data, then you have to do db2iupdt.

    never have done this, so not 100% sure ..

    but what is that you are trying to achieve? there may be a more elegant way of handling it ..
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