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    Unanswered: List Box in Query Form, Changing Table Data

    Hi... This has been driving me nuts.

    I have a simple service database of 2 tables TBLcust and TBLjobs. One customer can have many jobs and is linked up in relationships, all ok. I have a Look Up Box for customername in TBLjobs, all is ok.

    I have a form based on a query for jobs per month calling for the month value and a list box for navigation also returning results from the same query... so you enter a month value twice when the form loads. All works ok...

    Clicking a record in the list box changes the form to that record, all ok. But... when you click the Look up box drop down for customername it returns 'parameter not correct for field etc.' and changes that customername to a number for customername on both the query form and TBLjobs. It has to be number data type due to the one to many.

    It works ok with a normal text box, but thats not ideal with data anomalies, so i'd prefer the look up box..

    Any ideas?


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    Got round it... I had all text boxes and controls feeding off the monthly query when there was no need. Only the list box needed control from the query, the rest of the form just needed to be associated with TBLjobs.

    Just out of interest, duplicating a record from a query form will always duplicate relational fields... i.e. customername from TBLcust, meaing you'll end up with the same customer name twice under 2 different custid's. In other words, only duplicate when controlled to a table?

    Thanks again

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