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    Unanswered: Creating Custom Menubar

    So I'm trying to figure out how to create a custom menubar with a simple File --> Print. However, when I use the "Print" one it immediately prints the report but I want the dialog to pop up for which printer, how many copies, etc. If I add the Built-In File menu then I get a ton of other junk. If I remove the junk from my menubar it removes it from the Built-In menubar as well. So if I reset the Built-In menubar it also resets my menubar.

    Any ideas? Thanks.


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    you can build your own custom menu bar - and get exactly what you want. But for whatever reason this feature of Access just is not intuitive at all. I recommend that you purchase a good Access textbook for the version you have - and it will surely have this explanation. You can find these books at any big box bookstore or maybe able to google about and find a tutorial on this task somewhere - but overall if you are designing Access one really should have a text book reference.....

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