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    Unanswered: Problem removing table

    Hi, new to this forum, this is my first post!

    I'm trying to remove a database table but unable to do so. This is what I get...

    SQL Error (-214): Cannot remove file for table (metrica.ericsson_cell_idle_traffic_chan_fr_2_raw_ bak).
    ISAM error: Unexpected internal error

    Has anyone a workaround for getting rid of tables like these?

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    Reply for problem removing table.

    Which version of INFORMIX?.. SE?.. IDS?
    I had this problem with SE because the tablename in SYSTABLES did not match the file (tablename.dat and tablename.idx) stored in the dbname.dbs directory, so I had to rename the .dat and .idx filenames to matchup with the tablename stored in SYSTABLES, then DROP TABLE tablename so that it could find the renamed .dat and .idx files. The other posibility is that the tablename doesn't exist in SYSTABLES although the .dat and .idx files are present. You can also login as user "informix" and update the row in SYSTABLES for the table in question but that is risky! Remember there also columns associated with the table in SYSCOLUMNS, indexes in SYSINDEXES and other dependencies.

    Frank Computer

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