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    Unanswered: Login Incorrect error in SQL authentication mode

    I m using windows XP with sp2 running sql server. I have an accounts related software that uses sql db. Few days ago, i accidently deleted my database from enterprise manager. So I attached 3 days old backup of the db from another computer running its own SQL server. Now everything is working fine for me in windows authentication mode, but when i choose sql authentication mode, my software gives error message saying "login incorrect".
    And i really want to use sql authentication mode because i want a client to connect. Both Computers are in the same workgroup.
    Client was able to connect to SQLSERVER before i accidently deleted my db.
    Plzz help me to solve this problem...

    OR is there any way to connect the client with sever using windows authentication mode..

    Plzz Help!!

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    Forgot to mention that i am using sql server 2000

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    When you check the properties of this instance what is the authentication method on the security tab?

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