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    Unanswered: database comparison

    Is there a program available that could compare 2 databases (both pervasive 2000i). I found one for Server SQL (here), but is there something similar for pervasive? Or maybe someone knows of a script that could generate the differences?

    I'm trying to understand how one program (which happens to be a point of sale retail program) makes changes to the database when a sale is made, so that I can implement a new secondary web interface to sell products using the existing database. My idea was to copy the existing database, then make 1 sale, and then compare both databases to see where all the changes were made.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm not aware of any tools that are for PSQL 2000i. With PSQL v9 and v10, there is AuditMaster that tracks changes but it won't work with PSQL 2000i (which is really, really old). Have you contacted the vendor of the POS system to get the information you are looking for?
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    I haven't tried contacting them, looks like I might have to try that route though. Yeah our db is really old (so are our computers and all other software on owners of the the business lol).

    Thanks for responding

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