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    Unanswered: Can I run Access 2003 with Office Student 2007?

    I have just reinstalled Vista on an CPQ desktop with no MSFT Office apps reinstalled yet. I have Office Pro 2003 (legal) and Office 2007 Student Version (legal). I have a single Access 2003 application I need to run - a 400 name Christmas card list. I have no other use for Access 2003.
    Note: I have looked at OpenOffice BASE as a successor to Access 2003, but I conclude that the process is a bit beyond my competence and interest for maintaining a single Access 2003 app.
    - Can I just 'custom' install Access 2003 (i.e., without the rest of Office 2003) and 'regular' install Office 2007 Student independently and have them run properly together? Does one need to be installed first?
    - Should I install full Office 2003 Pro and then install Office 2007 Student over it? Will Access 2003 still run in that configuration? Will the Office 2007 apps run properly?
    - Is there an easy to use database I should consider as a replacement for Access 2003?
    Many thanks for your advice.
    Tony M

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    TBH, installations are not my thing especially for Office (that sort of thing is centrally managed by IT). However, you can have Office 2007 and 2003 installed side by side. Also note that there is backwards compatibility for Office products (i.e. 2007 office can open 2003 files). Note that people have reported issues opening 2003 databases in 2007 but only AFAIK for some funky VBA code. If this is a fairly simple application (Christmas cards I would imagine will be straight forward) then you should be fine.

    My 2c - install Office 2007. Try using it. If it fails, install the Office 2003 applications you require (I wouldn't install any you don't require personally).
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