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    Red face Unanswered: error While installing Adventureworks database :(

    Hey guys i m learning MSSQL server 2005 as a course with an institution. Got it downloaded and installed it as per the steps given on :Installing SQL Server 2005
    When done installing i wanted to practice and when launched the SQL Server Management studio found no inbuilt database... Hence downloaded the Adventureworks Database from MSFTDBProdSamples - Release: SQL Server 2005 SP2a

    Then went on to intsall it using the steps given on the following link Walkthrough: Installing the AdventureWorks Database ...

    As per the walkthrough the second step i need to do is

    Open a connection to a local SQL Server Express instance by typing or copying the following command into the command line:

    SQLCMD -S (local)\sqlexpress -E

    When i try to do so.. i get an error... i m attaching a screen shot of the error.. I even tried to add the sqlservr.exe to the Windows firewall exception list thinking it mite be blockng it

    Guys I hope u can help me Have my exams coming up and need to practice a lot... any help on this would he highly appreciated...HOPE I HAVE FOLLOWED THE RULES OF POSTING A THREAD...
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    When you launched SQL Server Management studio and it asked you which server you want to connect to, what was the name you entered?
    Also, is everything you have on one machine?
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    ur codings are working excelent.

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    Thnx for the reply @ pootle .. yes all that i mentioned is on one machine it self... and the Server Name while logging in i use is : SAURABH-49F41DD. I have also tried to log in using (.) or loacal server as the servername .. no use... Dont know if this would be of any help but my comuter name also happens to be :saurabh-49f41dd. i.e same as the server name i use to log in..

    I also would like to know what is a SQL instance.. and how would u check if it is installed...I m sorry i may sound very dumb but kinda new to this.. Any Help would be appreciated!
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