Hey guys,

I'm a software developer for a fairly large company, and I've worked with various languages including C#, Java, PowerBuilder and others. However, as a software developer my skills and experience have been limited to such.

I'm interested in creating some websites in my spare time in the hopes of making a little passive income on the side. I'm curious if there are any really good tutorials or books out there on how to properly and concisely create databases.

As a software developer my knowledge of DB's is extended to submitting DB Mods to our DBA's. The DB Mods I would typically write would be regular DDL stuff; creating tables, adding columns, adding data, creating stored procs, etc. And then of course using DML from the code itself.

However, I want to know the things I don't know (I don't even really know what that is... which is why I want a book/tutorial). I'm assuming I'm going to need things like security/roles/access-control/password-encryption/backups/indexing etc etc.

What would be a great tutorial-series or book for me. Preferably something that will contain all the information I need and nothing more. I'd hope not to need to read a 1000 page book on only a few topics, or have to buy multiple books. Concise and effective is what I'm looking for here. Maybe something that is about Databases strictly related to web development?

P.S. I believe I would like to use whatever free service SQL Server offers.