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    Talking SAP Database


    My job is about to introduce a new database program in the upcoming weeks named SAP. It's a German program, one that I trained on the initial version when it came to the US but I was working at another company. I searched online and it has undergone huge changes and was wondering IF you might ever include that in this forum? Really would be nice to have it hear and have the powers to be around to assist with it just like all the other databases on here. Anyhow, that's my question. Will you ever have SAP on this site. I have learned so much on this site and I thank each of you.

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    SAP is actually an application, not a database engine. SAP runs on many of the database engines that DBForums supports, and we routinely answer SAP database questions in the appropriate database forum.

    Because SAP touches so many different aspects of the computing universe, we can't deal with all of it. Like PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Dynamics, and other ERP products there are database, application server, web server, infrastructure, and many other issues associated with SAP.

    SAP is the subject of many forums. SDN is the official, SAP run forum. SAP Fans is probably the largest and best known third party forum for SAP. A quick Google search with the appropriate keywords for your problem ought to turn up at least a few other forums that might better address your needs.

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