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    Unanswered: Make Empty Feild Not Show - Form


    I have three questions.

    1. I have an address table, with Address1, Address2, and Address3 then City, State, etc. The Address1... feilds are there because I need to handle non US address which tend to have more lines. Often Address3 will be empty, but on the form leaves a gap between information. How can I make this field hide itself when empty.

    2. A company may have 1 or more addresses. How can I make the subform grow longer to show the additional addresses. Ideally I would like it to push the information below it further down the "page" just like you can do with CSS / HTML programing.

    3. Last, I would like the address labeled "HQ - Main" to show up at the top of the list of addresses. How can I do this.


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    1. in the OnCurrent event of the form put:
    If isnull(fieldcontrolname) then
    end if

    2. the subform needs to be a 'continuous form' which is in its property

    3. ??? on a form, report, label ??? add a label......

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