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    Unanswered: Perform COUNT in Access REPORT with no Control Source

    So here is my issue. Again...there HAS to be a way around this right?

    I have a report that has nothing much more than just a big graph. The report itself does NOT have a control source set becuase when i do, I get a PAGE for every row of data from the query/table that is providing the data (in this case 8000+)

    At the bottom i want to provide the total number of rows from the query. So I created a text box and in ITS contol Source I put the following:

    When I run the report...I get #ERROR.

    Now, if I turn arouind and set a control source to the REPORT....I get the correct value. But then Access is all buggy and crappy due to the # of "Pages" the report creates.


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    don't use the report to count the rows

    use an Aggregate Query....and then plug that into the report as a subreport

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