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    Unanswered: Just a little help with forms

    Hi there, im designing a database for my self to manage my property portfolio - i have a couple of family members working for me and i want all 3 of us to use this database - i have designed the tables, relationships and created a few queries now i am in the proces of building some forms. i want my database to open up with a login screen, and i want no toolbars or anything else on the database so that users can't edit the database - so i want to password protect it - im just unsure as to what order i do this in at the moment - do i build all the forms that i need first, then create a macro or something similar to login, then add VB code to remove toolbars (i want a button to say toolbars on/toolbars off which would be password protected)

    im pretty new to acess 2007 - any help would be appreciated, or any links to where i could do further reading...

    i want my database to have the corporate feel to it, and i dont want it to look like a typical acces database, something corporate and 'funky' looking

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    Check out the getUser example in the code bank.
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