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    Unanswered: Change Password form

    Hi guys ive got a login form and im trying to put together a change password form also.

    now what i have already is a form with combo box for the username (combo0) a text box (oldPassword), and two more text boxes for (newPassword) and (verifyPassword). I think its all quite self explanitary for what each one does but just in case. What i want is for the user so select their username(combo0) and type in thier old password in (oldPassword), then type in a new password in (newPassword) and verify the new password in (verifyPassword). I also have a command button, but from here on out i don't know where to go, i have little knowledge in sql or vba but im willing to learn.

    I do need the help pretty fast.

    Thanks very much in advance guys

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    I suggest to put the password on th whole MDB.
    Open your Mdb as EXCLUSIVE click on Tools, security, select
    "Set Database Password".

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    Why setup a password when you can utilize the getuser() function (in the code bank) to automatically grab the user's loginID and then match that with your user table for permission. No need for users to enter a password form. See the example in the code bank.
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