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    Unanswered: SSIS packet dosen't work with jobs

    have a sql2005 with SSIS packet that im trying to run with jobs but get eventid 18456 (Login failed for user 'sa'. [CLIENT: <local machine>]) everytime no matter what i try/do.

    The packet imports csv data to a table, csv file location is local server.
    job info "general"
    Owner: SA
    Job info "steps" and step 1
    run as: SQL Agent Service Account
    Packet source: SQL server
    Server: Local
    login to server: use windows autentication

    If i run the packet directly from SSIS store it works just fine, no error's at all and the table is populated.

    I have several other SSIS packets thats works just fine to run with jobs (maintenance) but this one just wont work.

    From what i can tell, the jobs that dosen't work have the same configuration as the one thats works.

    I don't know what info i should provide is this case so be gentle

    Thx for help in advance


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    no one have any suggestions regarding this?

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    Sounds like a security issue, specifically with the service account starting the agent, perhaps it does not have the correct permissions to where the csv file is. To load a simple csv file to a table I would not even bother with SSIS, I would just use bulk insert.

    BULK INSERT OrdersBulk
    FROM 'c:\file.csv'

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