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    Unanswered: You have attempted to open a database that is in use

    At my former work place (where I created a paradox database) their computer crashed so they got a new one. I went back there to set up Paradox again and kept having the error "Cannot open: Tables:Company.DB. You have attempted to open a database that is in use by someone else, but the database cannot be shared. You must set the location for the .NET control file" when I tried to open it.

    I've had this problem before and I knew some files had to be deleted so I did a check on the internet and found that all .net and .lck files should be deleted so I did that and it worked.

    They were also having network problems so the other day a tech was out getting that fixed and when they tried getting the database connected between the two computers they got the error again. I had sent an email to them instructing them how I fixed it the last time but they have had no success. The file does not open on the main computer anymore even after disconnecting the network again. Does this error have anything to do with something else other than those files that should be deleted?

    Here is the instructions in the email I sent them on how to correct it. Do you see anything wrong with these instructions that they need to do something else or in a different order?

    [Georgina's computer is the main computer with Paradox data files, Debbie's is the one that accesses Georgina's computer]
    1. Make sure network is working and Debbie's computer can access Georgina's computer.
    2. There is a folder on Georgina's computer called C:\Paradox that must be shared.
    3. Create a mapped drive to that folder: In Windows Explorer (on Debbie's computer) find the folder that you shared in #2 (somewhere in your network neighbourhood.
    4. Right click on the folder and choose "Map network drive"
    5. Give it a drive letter (I will assume you will give it drive letter Z: for these instruction so keep that in mind for the rest of these instructions and whenever you see Z: give it the letter you assigned.
    6. Go to the Control Panel : BDE Administrator : Configuration : Drivers : Native : Paradox
    7. set Net Dir to Z:\Paradox

    If you get an error (on either computer) that says something to the effect of "Cannot open *.DB. You have attempted to open a database that is in use by someone else..." then follow the following instructions.

    Before starting Paradox (to make things easiest make sure Paradox is not running on either computer):
    You may want to or need to do the following on both computers but try with just Debbie's first

    1. Open Windows Explorer and select "My Computer":
    2. Search for *.net (set search for all files). It is important to search EVERYWHERE on the computer that is why I said to select to search in "My Computer" or the highest level.
    3. Delete all files that are found (especially any that are obviously associated with Paradox
    4. Go back to search and search for *.lck
    5. Delete all files that are found.

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    Do you see anything wrong with these instructions?

    unfortunately, many things.. you only semi-understand what's going on here.. sorry..

    first, some STRONG advice.. you need to stop using a workstation as a "server".. if that machine locks up as a workstation, even if it's not using paradox itself, and the other machine *is* using paradox, the open tables can get corrupted..

    now.. the mapping.. workstation as a server or server as a server, same rules.. EVERY machine MUST access the net file, and all shared files and folders, using the EXACT same mapping.. not just "it resolves to the same place".. it must be EXACTLY the same.. even the upper/lower case you use, because not every version of Windows responds the same way if that varies..

    your instructions as to how to map, and how to use the BDE, are fine.. but your contexts are totally screwed up, because you aren't using the above rules..

    and, there's a file on my software downloads page, remlok32, that you can use to kill all the net and lock files together, when you *do* have a need for that..
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