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    Unanswered: Update Table Based on Another Table

    Hi Everyone - New user here.

    Fairly new to SQL and having an issue updating some values in a table using another table. Version is SQL Server 2005.

    Basically we have our main sales data table [Sales Data]. Within this there are a lot of columns but the one's we need to focus on are

    [Product] - The product code for the row in question. Same value can appear many different times.
    [Product Group 1] - A numeric value
    [Product Group 2] - A numeric value

    We've identified a number of produts that need to have their product groups changed retrospectively (the table contains 2 years data). I have uploaded a table to the database called produpdate. This contains the same 3 columns as above but this time each product code is listed once with it's 2 new product group values next to it.

    I am trying to write a query that will update the product group 1 and 2 in the sales data table for every line where the product matches an entry in produpdate with the product group entries from that table.

    I've tried a number of different queries, each with its own problem. I thought I had it using a sub-query but then got an issue with the sub query returning multiple rows after an '='.

    Could anyone shed some light on the type of query I may need?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Update [Sales Data]
    Set [Product Group 1] = produpdate.[Product Group 1],
         [Product Group 2] = produpdate.[Product Group 2]
    From [Sales Data} 
          Inner Join produpdate On produpdate.Product = [Sales Data].Product

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    Ah, that's a beautiful thing. Thank you very much for your help.

    Didn't even think about using a join. Live and learn.

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