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    Unanswered: SSRS MHTML to Blackberry

    Hi there~

    An SSRS report can be scheduled to run, render as mhtml and be emailed.
    In this case, the recipients will be viewing via their Blackberries.
    The Blackberries are different models having different screen sizes.

    My challenge is finding a way to set up the rendering so that instead of fixed column sizes, it comes out the equivalent of a "width=100%" table without any manual intervention.

    I've played around with some of the report, table, cell properties and have looked around reference materials but haven't yet found anything specific to this issue.

    If anyone has done this kind of thing, I'd very much appreciate some guidance.

    Many thanks~


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    SSRS - MHTML to BlackBerry

    Hi Gary

    I have the same need then you have and I was wondering you if you had found a solution.

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    Afraid not, mbourg. I made some progress, then got pulled into another set of projects and haven't been able to get back to it yet.

    But maybe by the time I do, you will have already discovered everything!

    Best of luck on all fronts~

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