Hi there!
I have an access DB, few tables.

Main table contains recipes, it links to some other tables, one of those is "matching beverages" (eg: wines, cocktails).

If I open one of the matching beverages, it will bring me a description and some extra info, including (mainly for cocktails) whether the recipe for that cocktail is in the main table of the database.

I would need -for that field in the beverages table- to automatically find a recipe whose name is the same (and asks confirmation for similar ones, ideally, but nevermind now), so that I can report a clickable link so that I can bring up that recipe.

My question is: how do I set default value of a field to be detarmined through a query?

Thank you,

PS: I am sure this may have been asked before, but I really couldn't find it in the database. Sorry for that...