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    Unanswered: List Box in Access 2007

    I am working on an inventory database. I want to have 4 listbox set up on the screen. I just want them to scroll down the Item # and it to move listbox 2,3,4 as they do that. Is that possible? Or maybe a better way to show inventory.

    Listbox1 = Item Code
    Listbox2 = Description of Item
    Listbox3 = Qty
    Listbox4 = Total Price

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    no. that is not the function of listboxes for 2-4...

    set up your form so it is sourced on the table/query that has all this data.

    then insert a combo or list box into the header of the form - and the wizard will prompt you as to its function and you want to select the choice "go to record select" (or whatever the exact verbage is...)....and then once one selects the item desired - all this data will show in the form.....

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    Why not have one listbox with multiple columns? Use the Column Counts, Column Headers, and Column Widths to display all of the information.

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