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    Unanswered: convert bmp jpg windows 7(64bit)


    I have been using freeimage.dll to convert bmp to jpg with no problem. I have recently tested on a 64bit system and noticed that it no longer works error 53 (freeimage.dll not found)

    I was just wondering if there might be a fail safe way to achieve the same outcome?

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    why not ask the authors of freeimage what to do
    you could try installing the dll in an appropriate location. whether thats in the same directory as the access app, of office dll's or some other location I dunno.

    might be worth while trying to find out where microsoft recommned where you install such DLL's

    its could be the DLL needs to be registered and so you may have to insatll the DLL to make sure any registry keys are properly set

    it could be that the dll need to be visible in the GAC

    but as to how thats relevant to MS Access beats me
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    As far as i can tell it is a known issue with the freeimage.dll ( FreeImage: Topic: Windows x64: Can it be done?) and doesn't appear to have an answer. The problem lies with the dll being compiled as a 32bit file (from what i can tell).

    I guess i was more wondering if there was another way of converting images that someone here may use.
    I have found references to the system.draw that has been used to convert or GDI+ but I have not yet been able to implement either of these.

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    Photoshop elements should do the same not expensive but you still have to outlay some cash.


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