I'm on DB2 V9.1. We would like a way of monitoring rollbacks. I found in V9.7 that you can run a "GET SNAPSHOT FOR ALL APPLICATIONS" while the rollback is running to monitor rollbacks progress. Does anyone know if this works in DB2 V9.1? Does anyone have anymore examples or suggestions?

Thank you!

Found information in IBM DB2 V9.7 documentation:
Progress monitoring of the rollback process
If you obtain an application snapshot while a transaction is rolling back, you will see rollback monitor elements in the output. This information can be used to monitor the progress of the rollback operation.

The information provided in the application snapshot includes the start time of the rollback, the total work to be done, and completed work. The work metric is bytes.

The following is an example of output from the GET SNAPSHOT FOR ALL APPLICATIONS command:
Application Snapshot

Application handle = 6
Application status = Rollback Active
Start Time = 02/20/2004 12:49:27.713720
Completed Work = 1024000 bytes
Total Work = 4084000 bytes

Application Snapshot

Application handle = 10
Application status = Rollback to Savepoint
Start Time = 02/20/2004 12:49:32.832410
Completed Work = 102400 bytes
Total Work = 2048000 bytes