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    Question Database Testing - what to test & how?


    This question is about database testing, can not find a forum specific for this therefore i'm posting here, please move to the appropriate forum if necessary.

    Generally, what do you test when testing a database? I know the common answer would to test the function of a database and verify that it works as expected but i'm looking for what exactly (details) do you look for in database function testing?

    Additionally, how do you do the testing? what methods/techniques you use?
    is it just a case of inputting data, getting data back and check that its what you're expected? Or is there a more methodical/logical approach to database testing just like the database design.


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    1) Check that it works as per the spec.
    2) Try to break it, then check that it still works as per the spec.

    I'd be thinking about extremes of sample data (min / max values), constraints, transactional integrity and such.

    Or, if you're in a production environment, let the testers do it!


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    Thanks very much.

    i think now i have a more detailed knowledge of what i need to do.

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