Hi All,
I am new to Sybase and am trying to set up sybase anywhere on linux with a squirrel connection from XP.
The sybase software is installed OK ( I can use dbeng11 demo.db) to get the engine running and dbisql to do queries on the server.

Question/Problem. - in order to connect from squirrel to sybase on linux, should I be using this engine (personal - dbeng11 or dbsrv11).
The dbeng11 engine is running on port 2638. I have tried connecting through squirrel using the net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver but this returns an error message. I then stopped this engine. I started the engine as
dbsrv11 -ud -n MYSYB demo.db
and connected again. This almost worked as squirrel logged in but gave the error message "Error Ocured(sic) during task execute. NULL".
Any idea how I can use squirrel or any other freeware query tool with sybase anyware 11 ?