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    Unanswered: db2pd reorg status

    I have v8.2 FP 17.

    The other day I ran online reorgs and was looking at the db2pd status. When they were done, db2pd reported nothing active and showed no tables.

    When I do a db2pd today (the reorg ran this morning as a batch job), I get "Active", but Status says Done.

    E:\Jobs\reorg>db2pd -d mydb -reorgs
    Database Partition 0 -- Database mydb -- Active -- Up 4 days 02:19:55
    Table Reorg Stats:
    Address    TbspaceID  TableID    TableName          Start                      End                        PhaseStart               MaxPhase   Phase      CurCount   MaxCount   Type    Status  Completion IndexID    TempSpaceID
    0x03189304 2          7          ISSUE              03/09/2010 04:55:34.302234 03/09/2010 04:55:54.262300             n/a          n/a        n/a        3291       3292       Online  Done    0          0          2
    When do they drop off this listing?
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    Essentially is it safe to do a db2rbind now?

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    I'd begin with runstats anyway.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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