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    Unanswered: Paradox query

    I can do nearly everything with Paradox ObjctPal code, but have a simple question about defining a query in paradox itself:
    In Short:
    Table "orders" with fields "customer" and "product",
    and table "customers" with field "customer". Each customer has baught several products, some are different, same the same.
    I have joined the tables.
    I need this information:
    How many customers have ordered a certain product?

    In details
    Table orders:
    customer; product
    1; A
    1; B
    2; B
    3; A
    4; A
    4; B

    Table customers:

    Result for this small example:
    3 customers have bought product A.
    How to define a query for some thousands of customers / orders?

    Thank you for a hint!


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    | Customer | Product |
    | Check | A |

    this is essentially "queries 101".. if you need to ask this, you really need to stop and learn queries.. this is the heart and soul of paradox..
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