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    Unanswered: Deploying app changes

    I made some changes on an Access application which are distributed to users as standalone application running on standalone Access database.
    Developing the changes went fine on my development access version (Access 2000).
    To deploy the changes I made, I created a database that contains the changes I made and a form that will push these changes to the respective users' mdb. Testing the form that pushes the changes went fine too. I checked all the components and they were there as expected. However, when I start the application using the startup form, I have been getting this message: "Error accessing file. Network connections may have been lost."
    Microsoft's recommended solution of going through each form and report does not look viable considering the number of reports and forms that this application has and the also the number of users. Does anybody have a solution to the message or an alternative solution to deploying changes.

    Thanks in advance for any help or lead.

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    Is your database split? Do you have your tables in a separate MDB? If not, you probably should. It will also make application updates easier. Currently, I have only Front End databases connect to SQL Server (so it is a little different). But I have a module that stores the application version in a function. I also have a table that stores the version. When I make a change to the table, then everyone using an old front end is prompted to copy a new front end.

    This is handled automatically with a VB program that is called when the Front End does not match the latest version. The VB program lets the user know the versions don't match and asks if the user wants to get the latest. It works pretty well for us, but I am not sure if it will work for you.

    If you are interested I can provide more details.

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    No, there is just one database with the data and forms together. I have a separate database that has the updates ( forms, queries, tables, etc.) that will update the main database.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterT2 View Post
    No, there is just one database with...forms... a separate database that has forms...
    Soooo... where are your forms? How did you go from saying there's just one database in the first sentence to having a separate database in the second? There were no fewer than three direct contradictions in your post.

    I'm lost.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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