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    Question Unanswered: Speeding up database cont

    Hello All,

    I've used the front end back end solution, but still the database seems to slowly access data when first opening a form that displays records in a table. For instance, I open a form that has 18,000 records displaying and I want to search for just one, well, when I click my "find" command it takes about 5 or 6 seconds to become ready to enter the search criteria. Is this because the database is displaying all records at once?

    What is the best way to speed up this process? I do have some code in my database, but the code is needed to make specific functions work.

    Any info would be most useful.

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    Creating a custom search mechanism using the Filter and FilterOn properties of the form could be a solution.
    Another one would be to pass a SQL sentence (with the proper WHERE clause) to the form when opening it. This argument could be used as the recordsource form the form.
    You could also open it through a DoCmd.OpenForm command and use the WhereCondition optional parameter to restrict the data set.
    Last but not least: Are the tables properly indexed?
    Have a nice day!

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    And this could also be a networking problem, rather than a primary Access problem.

    Also, when you say
    I've used the front end back end solution
    you do mean that you have a single back end and a copy of the front end on each user's PC, correct?
    Hope this helps!

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    In the code bank, take a gander at this:

    There are several tips.
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