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    Unanswered: So I am trying to perform a calculation on an asp page but

    I am kind of new to asp so not sure where to start.

    So I have these:

    <td align="right"><p>ʹҧ:</p></td>
    <td align="left">

    So intPrevious Total comes from this sql:

    rsPreviousTotal.Open "SELECT Total.[sumofextended price] AS Total FROM tbl_ShipOrders INNER JOIN qrycondetailsextendedtotals AS Total ON Total.ship_ID = tbl_shipOrders.ship_order_ID WHERE chkloaded = yes AND Paid = 1 AND payment_id = 4 AND Deposited = No AND Branch_ID = " & branchID, oCOnn, 1, 3

    after this:

    do while not rsPreviousTotal.EOF
    intPreviousTotal= intPreviousTotal + rsPreviousTotal(0)

    and the variables being declared and the initial value being set to zero just incase there is something stored in the cookies etc.

    So it works fine but now I want to perform a calculation from these totals to draw the balance from it. Basically deducting all the deductables from the total.

    Actually, I am looking for some advice on how I could go about doing it

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    Actually I have managed it with:

    <td align="right"><p>Left:</p></td>
    <td align="left">

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