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    Help with database model

    I just created this database and I would like some opinions on the database model.

    (Store name)
    The Computer Warehouse

    Business Rules


    1.The store contains a products inventory consisting of computers
    2.Products have zero or more suppliers (computers can be made by store)
    3.The suppliers generate zero to many invoices
    4.The supplier invoices are monitored by one employee


    5.Products are sold to zero or more consumers
    6.Each customer contains one billing address


    7.The store houses one manager, and several employees
    8.Exactly one manager manages employees
    9.Exactly one employee generates a customer invoice
    10.Each employee resides at one address
    Here is the database model:
    Computer Warehouse

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    Quote Originally Posted by robasc
    I just created this database and I would like some opinions on the database model.
    Do you have a particular question or do you just want us to check your homework?

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    I am looking to check it and I am looking for other opinions on it as well. I am hoping to achieve a better understanding of modeling by working with others. I feel it is better to work with several people rather than by myself.


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    when is this assignment due? i want to know how long i have to prepare my opinions | @rudydotca
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    The project is not due until Monday afternoon.

    Here is a little more details about the database.

    The database is built on a simple brick and morter store.
    The store is only going to sell laptops, pda, servers, and desktops
    The store will not sell individual accessories.

    I am trying to keep it as simple as possible so I do not have to much to program. After all, this is not going to be a real database it's just a simple database for a project.

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