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    Unanswered: Profiling the shared libraries w/ native compilation

    Status quo
    Using Oracle 10 native compilation works very well. However I would like to gain additional speed using rofile-based optimization:
    In general it is a three-step process:
    1. Instrumentation: Compile the program to prepare it for profile
    cc +Oprofile=collect +O2 -c sample.c
    cc -o sample.exe +Oprofile=collect +O2 sample.o
    2. Data collection: Run the program with representative input(s) to
    collect statistics.
    sample.exe < input.file1
    sample.exe < input.file2
    3. Optimization: Recompile to optimize based on profile data.
    cc +Oprofile=use +O2 -c sample.c
    cc -o sample.exe +Oprofile=use +O2 sample.o

    As I have only shared libraries but no executables I have to define SHLIB_FLOW_DATA:
    To profile shared libraries, you must set the environment variable SHLIB_FLOW_DATA to the file that receives profile data. Unlike FLOW_DATA, SHLIB_FLOW_DATA has no default output file. If SHLIB_FLOW_DATA is not set, profile data is not collected. This allows you to activate or suspend the profiling of instrumented shared libraries.
    Note that you could set SHLIB_FLOW_DATA to which is the same file as the default setting for FLOW_DATA. But, again, profile data will not be collected from shared libraries unless you explicitly set SHLIB_FLOW_DATA to some output file.

    Question How and where can I set this variable for native compilation?

    The problem is: whatever I tried in step 3. +Oprofile=use it always complains it can not find the profile statistics and does not compile.

    Any help is appreciated very much!
    Best regards!

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    >However I would like to gain additional speed using rofile-based optimization:
    Post proof the above is true.
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    How can I proof that I would like to do something?
    And how can I proof profiling libraries leads to better performance if it does not work yet?

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