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    Post Unanswered: ORA-12541: TNS:no listener

    hi dudes
    i m facing the no listener problem once it worked correctly bt when i restarted my computer then i got this problem whil when i try to connect to sqlplus with scott/tiger it gives me no error when i try to connect scott/tiger@orcl then i m getting no listener error. i have check the listener.ora file and tnsnames.ora same as it was

    Needed urgent help;

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    was listener started?

    lsnrctl status
    lsnrctl start
    lsnrctl service
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    yes sir when i issue start it tells me that listener is already started.

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    yet you refuse to cut/paste any type of commands or output.
    POST (and by post we mean CUT/PASTE the outputs with the commands):
    - lsnrctl status
    - tnsnames.ora
    - your connection line and the exact output
    - The_Duck
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    thanks duke my problem has been resolved.

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