Hi there,

I am having some troubles using Crystal SQL Designer in Crystal Reports 7 (unfortunately I can not upgrade this version because of other

software needs).

In details, I can not create a SQL query to process the data stored in my Access database (that has been created by Access '97: I can not

upgrade or convert it, too because this file is automatically reprocessed and rewritten by the other software I am using, every time I

generate a report).

When I open Crystal SQL query designer, if I use as origin my Access file (I even tried to create different ODBC data origins by using

different drivers) I get this error:
"xBase error: Could not open the file"

I have also tried to create a query using the sample database archived in Crystal Reports and the error I get is:
"ODBC error: [Microsoft][Driver ODBC Microsoft Access]..."

Does anyone know how to deal with that?

Oh, by the way, I am running XP Professional SP3.

Thanks so much!