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    Unanswered: How to disable ASM DISKGROUP automatically mounted by CRS

    It is known that when oracle CRS starts , it will start the ASM instances and it will also mount the ASM DISKGROUPS.

    Is there anyway I can disable only the automatic mount of the ASM DISKGROUP.
    (That is I still want ASM instances to come up during CRS start but I don't want ASM DISKGROUPS to be mounted).


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    What would be the point?
    you would be better off just not starting ASM at all, but either way I don't see the advantage.
    - The_Duck
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    Like The_Duck already mentioned: it doesn't seem to make any sense, but the procedure would be:

    (As the ASM - user)
    alter system set asm_diskgroups='' scope=spfile;

    and you have to repeat the above after the creation of a new diskgroup since Oracle automatically adds new DGs to the *.asm_diskgroups parameter of the spfile.

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