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    Unanswered: SSIS Package error

    Having a strange issue. I set up a package to pull data from one server to mine. Its real straight forward, deletes all the tables in in my database then creates new tables, then loops through and fills from the other server. It worked perfectly for about a month, and has now stopped.

    At first I was getting an error saying it couldn't find several files.. tmp443.tmp, tmp442.tmp etc. So I just created the files in the directory.

    Now I get the following error:

    SSIS package "Package1.dtsx" starting.
    Error: 0xFFFFFFFF at Foreach Loop Container, Foreach NodeList Enumerator: Root element is missing.
    SSIS package "Package1.dtsx" finished: Success.

    All of my tables are empty.

    This was not a package I wrote and designed myself, as I'm very unfamiliar with the SSIS packages (familiar with sql 2000 dts packages) so I went through a wizard to do this.

    I have no idea where to start troubleshooting and would appreciate any help.


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    It almost sounds like the XML file of the package got modified, maybe even externally. The error references the top most element designator for the ForEach container. Check the Date Modified property of the file, and see if you have a backup for it. I wouldn't suggest going over the XML structure at this point, unless there are no backups. Also, try to open the package in designer. If you get an error, - you should try to recreate the contents of the loop container.
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