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    Unanswered: Button Vidibility not working :(

    I have made a form that has a 2 buttons 2 sub forms, one of the subforms and buttons visibility is set to no. What i want is when the visible button is clicked it should hide the visible subform subforms and the visible button then show the other subform and the other button that had the visibilty set to no. So far it hides the visible subform and shows the other subform that was set to no and the same with the button but it will not hide the button that was clicked. if that makes any sense at all?? this is the code
    btnAdd.Visible = True - this is the button that visibilty set to no
    frmothersubform.Visible = True - this is the subform that visibility set to no
    Mainsubform.Visible = False - this is the subform that is visible
    btnAdd1.Visible = False - this is the button that is initially visible when form is open
    Any help would be appreciated

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    You have to set the focus elsewhere before you can hide that button.

    btn2.visible = true
    btn1.visible = false

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