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    Unanswered: db_locale & client_locale


    Can't anybody help to figure out what i'm doing wrong:

    I have Informix SE database with DB_LOCALE = ru_ru.915

    Connecting to it from windows using JDBC 3.50 JC5, connection code is:
    Properties prop=new Properties();
    String url = "jdbc:informix-sqli://";
    conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url, prop);

    Connection is ok, and i can select data. But all character data is in ISO-8859-5 (915) encoding(i'm converting it localy from ISO to UTF and see correct strings...). I tried to change DB_LOCALE & CLIENT_LOCALE to other locales - nothing happens...

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    DB... environment variables

    Did you properly set DBLOCALE, DBDATE, and other INFORMIX DB environment variables when starting up your engine on the server?

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    About engines...on Informix SE i have nothing to start except sqlexecd for remote connection. I tried to start sqlexecd with various server LOCALE environment variables but without any changes to character set on remote side...

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    GLS Language Support

    ok, well this is going to sound awkward and antiquated, but this is what I do when I start my INFORMIX-SQL version 2.10 (SE-engine) on DOS.

    set INFORMIXDIR=C:\informix
    set DBLOCALE= ????
    set DBDATE=MDY4-
    set DBTEMP=C:\tmp
    set DBPATH=C:\db

    pstartsql .....

    are you setting your environment variables before firing-up SE?
    refer to the GL language support section of the INFORMIX reference manual,
    it gives you detail instructions for setting up the locale.
    It includes telling informix where to look for the message files, eyc.
    good luck!

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