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    Unanswered: import data from sybase using VB code

    pls advise how vb code to import sybase data into access database


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    I have no experience getting Sybase data into Access. But the procedure is the same for all databases. First you are going to need and ODBC driver for Sybase. I did a quick search on Google and saw several promising links. Then you would use the ODBC driver while you Link To, or Import the Sybase data using File/Get External Data. The wizard will walk you through the steps.

    Once you have tested everything manually, you can used the Docmd.TransferDatabase, along with an appropriate connection string (see hint below) to automate the import/link.

    HINT: Manually link to the Sybase data using the wizard. When you have a link object setup in your Access database, choose to design the table. You will get a warning, ignore it. When you see the fields listed, right click anywhere in the white and choose Properties from the COntext Menu. In the Description property you will see the Connection String that the wizard created to make the link to the Sybase table. Copy and use that string when you are automating the Link/Import.

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