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    Unanswered: Speech Recognition with Access

    Is there a way to use speech recognition with Access 2003 without SR taking control of the application during the speech? I tried SAPI and the cursor turns into an hour-glass until the speech is finished. This is my code in a module:
    Function PC_Speaks(inText As String)
       'create the voice object
       Set VObj = CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice")
       If inText = "" Then Exit Function Else
           'use the VObj to speak inText
           With VObj
             .Volume = 100
             .Speak inText
           End With
    Set VObj = Nothing
    End Function

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    Interesting code (since I've never done speech recognition). Sorry I can't help you with the code though. I did try speech recognition once with an application but failed miserably with it (since it requires 'training' of the words spoken and it rarily correctly populated the data with the actual words spoken.)

    I did though have to create an application for the blind. I used a combination of different sounds/voices (ie. *.wav files) to tell the user what buttons they were clicking on or fields they were editing.

    Other than that, I use an IVR type application (ie. Voxeo) which calls participants and then asks questions where their answers are then saved into the database. This though requires learning quite a few new coding (such as programming the IVR and php scripts to write/retrieve data to the database.)
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    Thanks Adalbert for your posting. My application that speaks from Access was just an interesting challenge, purely for fun, to read and speak text, while not taking full control of your PC until the speech is done. I resolved that challenge by putting the text into an array and using punctuation to provide checkpoints to see if the user clicked the STOP button.
    Example text: "Three cheers for the red, white and blue. Anything you can do, I can do better." is fed to the speech engine as an array of 4 elements. The punctuation determines the end of each array element. "Three cheers for the red" is in strArray(0). If I click STOP while this element is being spoken, the speech is stopped before the remainder of the array elements are spoken.
    There is a library of words to not be used as breaking points, so that "Mr. Smith went to Washington" does not put "Mr." into its own array element, thus causing an unnatural pause.

    Included on my form are options to speak the text backwards, speed up speech, lengthen the pauses, change the voice with tags embedded in the text, so I can have the three Windows XP voices all engaged in the conversation.
    Also I have image files to go with prepared text, and WAV sound files can be used too. For example, in my table of memo fields that stores the text to be spoken, is the last conversation of HAL in the movie "2001 A Space Odyssey", from the point where Dave goes to disable HAL. Seeing a collage of still images captured from Youtube, and hearing Dave breathing in his space suit (from a WAV file I crafted) while hearing HAL's words, was a fun thing to make happen with VBA via an Access database.

    The form also presents a blank text box for your own typing, and includes typewriter sounds, as you type, from WAV files.

    One more feature, text can be typed out for you with a variety of options, mechanical typewriter, human typewriter, and that beep computer sound taken from the movie War Games. All for my entertainment.
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