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    Unanswered: InnoDB & Foreign Key Constraints or MyISAM & Speed?

    For my site MyISAM appears to be the logical choice - many more SELECT queries than UPDATE and things. The only thing I'm not too sure about is MyISAM's lack of foreign key constraints - though I've read elsewhere that these can be provided using stored procedures and triggers. Now I'm fairly new to this, so the whole replacing native foreign key constraints within InnoDB with learning a new language and creating procedures is a bit daunting.

    Would it be best just to go with InnoDB?

    If not, can anybody point me towards a useful guide or resource regarding creating foreign key constraints using stored procedures for MyISAM? I can't seem to find anything (which leads me to wonder if I've got confused somewhere along the line - if so please correct me )

    Any help appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiada View Post
    Would it be best just to go with InnoDB?

    this whole "myisam is faster than innodb" business is a myth

    and re-inventing the FK wheel seems really silly, no offence | @rudydotca
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