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    Unanswered: Error file not populated using bcp utility

    I am using bcp utility to export VIEW data to text file. I am using -e err_file option to generate error file. Error file is generated but errors are not logged in to the file.

    MSDN says:

    -e err_file
    Specifies the full path of an error file used to store any rows that the bcp utility cannot transfer from the file to the database. Error messages from the bcp command go to the workstation of the user. If this option is not used, an error file is not created.

    Does this mean that error file will be generated while importing data from file to database. Not for exporting?

    waiting for reply...

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    Error file gets created when using "-e" switch, if bcp starts successfully, but encounters errors while extracting data into a destination file. Just like msdn says, only records that failed to be extracted, will be stored into the file (very rare case, usually you'll encounter errors when loading data into the database from another source, like text file). If no errors were encountered, the error file will have the size of 0.
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